Textbook of Influenza, 2nd Edition
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Textbook of Influenza, 2nd Edition

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The Textbook of Influenza is a comprehensive resource covering all aspects of influenza, from the genetic and molecular biology of the virus through to clinical aspects of the disease and the latest drug developments and treatments. This new edition has been completely revised and reflects the integration of disciplines concerning the emergence, evolution, pathogenesis and control of influenza viruses in the field of human and veterinary public health.

Textbook of Influenza examines the lessons learnt from the latest pandemic and provides the current state of knowledge for many yet unresolved issues related to virus origin, spread, pathogenesis and disease severity to better prepare for future pandemics. It covers the background to recent advances in influenza genomics and reverse genetics which have allowed the identification of virus virulence factors and the analysis and reconstruction of influenza viruses such as the 1918 Spanish flu strain.

This new edition is divided into eight key sections, containing chapters co-written by international experts from both the clinical and scientific communities, covering:

  • Influenza Perspectives
  • Structure and Replication
  • Evolution and Ecology
  • Epidemiology and Surveillance
  • Immunology
  • Vaccines and Vaccine Development
  • Clinical Aspects and Antivirals
  • Public Health

Textbook of Influenza is for all those working in the area of influenza including clinical and basic scientists, immunologists, molecular and structural virologists, public health officials and global pandemic control planners.


  • Robert G. Webster, PhD, FRS,  Rose Marie Thomas Chair,  Division of Virology, Department of Infectious Diseases,  St Jude Children ’ s Research Hospital,  Memphis, TN, USA
  • Arnold S. Monto, MD,  Thomas Francis, Jr. Collegiate Professor of Epidemiology,  School of Public Health,  University of Michigan,  Ann Arbor, MI, USA
  • Thomas J. Braciale, MD, PhD,  Director, Beirne B. Carter Center for Immunology Research,  Beirne B. Carter Professor in Immunology,  Professor of Pathology and Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology,  University of Virginia School of Medicine,  Charlottesville, VA, USA
  • Robert A. Lamb, PhD, ScD,  John Evans Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology,  Howard Hughes Medical Institute,  Department of Molecular Biosciences,  Northwestern University,  Evanston, IL, USA

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